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 Giant Rule Scroll

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PostSubject: Giant Rule Scroll   Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:58 pm

This is the giant rule scroll. Here you will find all of our rules pertaining to Roleplay, Site-Wide and a few chat rules too. These should be followed at all times. There will be consequences if one is broken. You may see our warning system for further information.

1. Site is Rated E-Everyone. This means that we have something for all ages. Knowing this, if you want something particular to happen, please utilize the plot RP section and mark you thread appropriately as the public domains are for everyone.

2. What's said in RP, stays there! Meaning that if a character bullied you in RP, don't take it personally. Don't overdue it unless it has been discussed between parties. Thank you. 

3. No post limit. Posts can be as long and detailed as you want them to be. The longer, the better.

4. No power-playing. Please don't speak up the actions of another person's character. It is very rude. Let others interact freely. We have set limitations to powers, element usage, etc to prevent going overboard.

5. Keep language minimal. Not that you can't use it, just don't use it in every sentence and especially don't use it at people. Thank you.

6. Keep to copyrights and credits. Please don't use any works that could be copyrighted and not able to be used elsewhere. If you use a work made by someone else, please follow their terms of use. If you find some off Google that obviously is available For public use, you are totally fine.

7. Be Respectful. We don't need to babysit anyone. Be polite and have fun. We all share one thing in common: roleplaying. So use that to enjoy conversation.

8. No personal information, please. If you give out your name, that's one thing, but don't share credit card info, addresses or any of that sort around the community. We don't need to know. Thank you!

9. Follow RP ratings! Character plot are permitted for users that want to Roleplay one on one with another user(s) if they want a certain plot to happen to their character. Since these are public to the community, we will use a rating system and this should advise users young and older so that they don't stumble upon a thread they don't want/need to be reading. See the Thread Rating topic for more information. Staff are not responsible if a user does not see the rating and reads a post about drugs they did not want to read. Staff, at the least, will ensure the post has the correct ratings.

10. Keep up with Character Records. Each character is REQUIRED to have a record topic. The record will assist with helping you and others review what has happened in the past for good memories and epic plots. You can decorate them as you wish, but every character needs to have one and YOU are responsible for keeping it updated.
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Giant Rule Scroll
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