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 Ranking in Exos and Skills

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PostSubject: Ranking in Exos and Skills   Sun Aug 27, 2017 10:00 pm

Ranks are based off of posts. We use the ranking system forumotion provides us so that there is no training required to get a rank, just activity. It is unclear as to how many ranks we could have. Some are added, some could be removed; others could be named something more epic than the last. We hope this will make posting a bit more fun for users. 

Between the ranks, the are Special Ranks which allows a users to make up something they want their character ranked as (i.e. Grand Overlord). These ranks do not effect your character in RP because the wolves of Exos live as a whole, Seagris remaining the Ruler of Exos. Your character will be able to choose his or her life-style unique to them instead of following rank requirements as most sites go by.

RankPosts Needed

Character Level is determined by the number of posts you do in a month. This means that if we see that you have made 50 posts for the month of August then that is experience points added to you leveling bar. The bar Maxs at 900. Every time you reach 900, we level you up. The higher your level, the better off you will be during events, dueling and Questing.
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Ranking in Exos and Skills
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